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Environmental Statement

At Aperture, we believe that by constantly improving our technologies and the ethos that runs through the business, an environmentally sustainable company can be achieved. Aperture Trading Limited ensures all company environmental management systems comply and exceed government mandate. All quality systems ensure all processes are constantly checked and improved upon, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Aperture Group's investment in environmental technologies shows in the products; the new ranges have been designed with 100% recyclability, improved performance and cost-effectiveness in mind for our customers. A tall proposition that required high tech solutions to achieve.

Ranges include the 100% recycled Envirosill. Constructed from Aperture waste products with a virgin PVC face to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish. The Recycled Reinforcement range can replace steel inserts in the profile and act as a 100% recycled thermal break reducing heat loss through the profile. Significant investment enabled Aperture Group to evolve the standard profile it sells to include five chambers. The five chambered profile acts as a heat loss break and can achieve thermally efficient 'A' rated windows without changing the glass specification!


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