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Case Study - Celsius, Norfolk

Case Study - Celsius, Norfolk

Our Celsius range of performance glass has been designed specifically for conservatory roofs to provide optimal thermal efficiency during summer and winter, ensuring homeowners have spaces they can use all year round.

In this instance however, one homeowner took advantage of the benefits of Celsius Elite to add improved thermal efficiency and privacy to his coastal Norfolk home.

Combining blue-tinted Celsius Elite with our market-leading warm aluminium WarmCore windows and doors has given Keith and his family the opportunity to bring much more light into their home while retaining the privacy needed for a property on a popular seafront.

Homeowner Keith Crews explained:

“When we saw the benefits of Celsius Elite glass we decided to replace all the windows in our house with a combination of WarmCore and advanced glazing. It’s a really significant improvement for us now that people can’t see into the property during daylight hours.”

Celsius Elite provides the benefits of 78% heat reflection, approximately three times more than standard glass, and a U-value of just 0.9. This means that during summer the glass is an excellent reflector of the seaside sun, yet it retains heat brilliantly in the winter months.

When combined with full-length WarmCore windows and two sliding folding doors, this has created a spacious and modern room which can now be enjoyed all year around because. This has combated the problem Keith had with his original conservatory, which was always either too hot or too cold to use.


A beautiful property in a stunning coastal location in Norfolk.

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