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Case Study - Celsius Solid Roof, Mansfield

Case Study - Celsius Solid Roof, Mansfield

The Celsius Solid Roof is a stylish alternative to a glazed roofing system; fashionable with transformative retrofits as well as new contemporary builds like this home extension.

Each roof is manufactured to order with an emphasis on contemporary design, the use of 100% recycled tiles and superior thermal performance. This made it the perfect choice for the Donna and Andy Turner’s extension to create an open, contemporary conservatory space that can be used all year round.

When paired with WarmCore folding sliding doors and downlights, the fresh and open internal design allows the conservatory to blend into any style of house. The roof also integrates beautifully into the modern pre-existing modern garden area to open up the house to the outside in good weather.

The roof consists of UK manufactured, 100% recycled polypropylene tiles in a choice of colours, expertly crafted so they don’t require exhaustive cleaning which makes the system very popular with homeowners. In contrast, glazed roof solutions are typically more difficult to clean, even with the best self-cleaning glass solutions on the market.

The Celsius Solid Roof boasts U-values of only 0.15 due to its renowned timber Kingspan TEK SIPS (structural insulated panels) which ensures there are no cold spots or condensation commonly associated with metal roofing systems.

This thermal efficiency allows for performance in all weathers, so the Turners can enjoy their new extension year round.

The Celsius Solid Roof also creates minimal disruption to both homeowners and installers as it has been designed to be easy to install and can be weather tight in less than three hours.


Celsius Solid Roof provides homeowners with a year round living space.

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